August 8, 2022

Freeport Can Become A Hub For Crypto Companies In The Bahamas. A golden opportunity Awaits.

Freeport has a golden opportunity to become a crypto and fintech hub in the Bahamas. With the emergence of crypto companies moving to the Bahamas, Freeport has to step up and get involved.

Nassau will not be able to cope with its infrastructure, already there is a lack of real estate, and office space and this is just the beginning.

Freeport has an abundance of land, property and office space compared to Nassau.

While Nassau will be a significant player in the Bahamas goal to become the crypto islands of the Caribbean, Freeport is the natural place for this crypto revolution to spread to.

Freeport needs to make this happen! The opportunity cannot be missed.

Watch the video below to see more about why Freeport should capitalise on this new industry and how Block Tech Bahamas is planning to make it happen.

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